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Multistage Pumps
available makes: Armstrong, DAB, Grundfos, Holden and Brooke , IBO, Lowara, Pullen, Wilo.










Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pumps



- Industrial Washing Systems,
- Cooling & Heating circuits,
- Handling of Special Liquids (demineralized or softened water, washing solutions, oils etc)
- Irrigation Systems Handling Water Containing Nutritive or Chemically Aggressive Substances

Submersible Vertical Electric Pumps

- Pumping of coolant, lubricants and condensate,
- Machine tools, welders, engine test stands,
- Cooling systems,
- Washing systems,
- Boosters,
- Fire Fighting systems

Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

- Water transfer and circulation in the civil, industrial and agricultural sectors,
- Pressure boosting and water supply,
- Irrigation systems for agriculture and sporting facilities,
- Washing systems,
- Boiler feed,
- Water Treatment and reverse osmosis plants,
- Fountains,
- Handling of moderately aggressive liquids

Vertical Multistage
Electric Pumps


- Commercial applications,
- Light Industry applications,
- Municipality Water applications.

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